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Growth-Oriented Service Provider

Initial situation:
Perhaps you yourself are a service provider in direct marketing. You have been successful in a particular section of direct marketing, for instance in the call centre field or in list-broking. You intend to increase your business - maybe internationally as well. Is this easier to do by yourself or with the help of a partner? Or are you looking for m & a?

Our answer:
With the background of a specific market and business-analysis DIALOGMARKETING DEVELOPMENT provides you with the basics for the right strategy. There is more to it than that. Communication is one of our strengths as our fluency in several foreign languages shows along with a wide range of contacts, equipping us with all the necessary skills to pursue in your interests the search for suitable partners.

And that does not need to be the end of our support: From our own background we know how difficult it is to productively join different management cultures or what it means to find staff for a new business field and to train management accordingly. If required, DIALOGMARKETING DEVELOPMENT is at your disposition until the new "shop" will be running.








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