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Occasional User of Direct Marketing

Initial situation:
You come from one of the classical lines of business that use direct marketing instruments in part or occasionally. You need for instance addresses of certain target groups and want to work on them for promotion campaigns. Maybe you already have a good supplier of address lists on the one hand and an agency for advertising concepts on the other. The business is about to expand, but your database is still very basic. Or perhaps you even need your own logistics and distribution processing for a new merchandising concept?

In all these business sectors you do not however really feel at home. You need for instance service providers. Those already in operation cover only certain sectors. What would be the necessary step to point you to the optimal path?

Our answer:
DIALOGMARKETING DEVELOPMENT will gladly help you to decide whether a service provider is the right solution or when the opportunity would be right for you to build up your own business. As an independent consultant, we help you in your search for and your selection of the most competent (international as well) partner. We put together the building blocks of your concepts and shape into a cohesive unit. If you want, we stay with you until everything is running well. We offer complete problem solutions from "the one and same tailor".








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