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Open-minded Direct Marketing Professional

Initial situation:
For a long time now you have been running your direct marketing business. But you are not satisfied with the position you have reached. You would like to know if your business sector is still "state of the art" or if you can improve something here and there. For instance what is the standing of your customer and customer-recruiting strategy? How would you appraise the structure of your database or your current advertising concept? Are there new ways to optimise these areas?

Our answer:
DIALOGMARKETING DEVELOPMENT considers itself as an independent sparring partner. In over 25 years of experience in direct marketing the company founder has worked to expand the horizon that lies before us, enabling us, for instance, to discuss and analyse questions and problem solutions in the course of one day.

Or you authorise DIALOGMARKETING DEVELOPMENT to carry out an analysis of your company or your business field on location. This includes interviews with your employees as well as checking and analysing relevant company documents. Everything can be reflected in a one-to-two-day workshop and will be enriched with concrete steps for the future.








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